About Us

Bizcred is
a family

People we worked with over the years keep coming back to us, they always know they can call and get more capital to increase their business. What’s in common with all of our customers is the pic of mind, that with us they will receive the best treatment and the right service for them.


Bizcred makes the proses of getting business capital more  convenient than ever it docent take more than 1 application and bank statements


In Bizcred we like it when things move fast it usually take less then 24 business hours to get funded


As direct funders, we will always try to reach your expectations getting a quote does not cost anything give us a try we may be the right choice

Questions And Answers

The only way to know your rates is to Simply send over your last 3 months of bank statements via email together with the Docusign application

One page application

Three of your last months bank statements 

A void check

Photo ID

Once we receive the application it usually takes us tow hoers to complete a underwrite, frame there it student take too long until we reach the merchants for closing.  

Yes Sort term is our first choice, but we also do long term such as 5 years 

Yes, we do offer consolidations with most banks pleas contact us for mor info


We provide equipment financing such as trucks and other heavy equipment all ew need from the merchant is an invoice of the equipment piece  of equipment he wants to get funding for.


As direct funders we have an advantage over traditional Banks, our system dos not require hard pull. however we do perform a Soft pull   

Simply send over your last 3 months of bank statements via email together with the docusign application and we’ll underwrite them in order to get you the most accurate rates